How to Host a Perfect “Pitches Night In” to Celebrate the Release of #PitchPerfect3

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Hey awesome nerds, anyone else in need of a little girl time? I love hosting my girls over for a night of movies, catching up and of course sipping cocktails.  I used the new release of Pitch Perfect 3 as my excuse to have a night in with some of my best girlfriends.

This weekend I will be rallying all of my girls for a “Pitches Night In” and watching, Pitch Perfect 3, which is now available to download on iTunes.  If you own the movie on iTunes, you will get access to new musical performances, gag reel and extended scenes not seen in theaters. The Bellas are back for one last call in Pitch Perfect 3 and I could not be more excited!

In Pitch Perfect 3, the Bellas have now graduated college and are out in the real world where it takes more than a cappella to get by.  After the highs of winning the World Championships, the Bellas find themselves split apart and discovering there aren’t job prospects for making music with your mouth. They get the chance to reunite for an overseas USO tour and come together to make some music, and some questionable decisions, one last time.

Check out the hilarious trailer below.

For my “Pitches Night In”, I want to go all out with decorations and themed drinks. After all, what is a girls night without comfy tees, nail polish and delicious cocktails? With these tips below, you can be sure that your Pitch Perfect 3 movie night will be aca-amazing.

Pitch Perfect Decor

I wanted to add a little more excitement to my Pitches Night In, I added up some colorful balloons to have around the house. Purple and yellow, of course. These are perfect for a little extra decoration but are also the perfect background for taking pictures with my girls to document the aca-awesome night.

If you have a cute bar cart, it is the perfect way to display your drinks and add a little flair to your girls movie night. My bar cart is gold and it looks great with these Pitch Perfect 3 cups that my friends can drink out of.

Awesomely Delicious Nerdy Cocktails

There is no need to stress about making the drinks because with these cocktails, it’s all about the presentation. With just five ingredients, you can create an easy and delicious drink that is Pitch Perfect-inspired.


  • 2 oz. Vodka
  • 1 oz. Blue Liquor
  • 3 oz Lemonade
  • Nerds
  • Honey


  1. Grab a cocktail shaker and add ice.
  2. Add all the drink ingredients to the shaker and shake well. (2 oz. Vodka, 1 oz. Blue Liquor, 3 oz Lemonade)
  3. To make this drink even sweeter, dip the rim of the glasses in honey and stick nerd candies to the rim.
  4. Strain drink mixture and pour into glasses.
  5. Top the drink off by adding a few nerds into each cocktail.

Aca-Awesome Girls Night Tips

  1. Have a sing off. Get your girls involved in the movie by hosting a sing off. Challenge your guests by giving them songs from the movie and battling it out to see who out preforms the other.
  2. Coordinate your style. Another cute way to spice up the night is to get your girls some comfy matching tee shirts. Mine are Pitch Perfect 3-themed and have quotes on them from the movie.
  3. Pamper your ladies. No girls night in would be complete without a little bit of pampering. Pamper your girls with a little bit of TLC by setting up a table with nail polish so you can paint each other’s nails while you watch the movie. You-Bella believe they will appreciate it!

Who else is excited to watch Pitch Perfect 3? I hope you use my tips to host your own Pitches Night In this weekend! 

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