Hottest Nail Colors for Summer

The summer is one of the best times to have fun with your nail polish. You can go bright, pastel, or even wear classic deep reds and pinks. Since anything goes, take this time to experiment with your nails.

To start, here are some of the hottest nail colors for this summer:

Essie’s “Orange, it’s obvious” is a dangerously fun color. It’s essentially tangerine without being overwhelmingly bright. Surprisingly, this shade matches with tons of colora and looks great on all skin tones. Definitely try this if you’re looking for a funky polish.

“Red Lights Ahead” from O.P.I.’s Holland Collection is a slight twist on a classic color. Reds and pinks will always be in style and season, so this color takes that up a notch. It’s a very rich hue with shimmery undertones that allow your nails to really pop!

Revlon’s “Minted” goes in a different direction. Being a more pastel shade, this polish looks refined, yet stylish. It’s a great shade to start with if you’re venturing away from the classic colors. Plus, the light hue looks fabulous against a tan!

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