How to Boost Your Metabolism

It’s true, metabolic rates are most of the time written in your genetic code. Yet, don’t let your genetic history predetermine your metabolic rate! Here are a few easy ways to get your body burning more calories.


B Vitamins and Magnesium

A lack of B Vitamins can leave you tired, depressed, and with a slower metabolism rate but a diet dense with this vitamin can get your body pumping more energy. As well, Magnesium is also a key player not only in metabolism, but for vital cellular chemical reactions. Believe it or not, studies have shown that Americans are significantly deficient in Magnesium. Yikes! Remember, get these vegetables at the source. Poultry, melon, beans, and fish are just a few raw examples of B vitamins, as well as spinach and leafy greens, which also double as a loaded magnesium provider.


Eat Breakfast

Ladies, stop skipping out on breakfast in the morning! Just by having a balanced breakfast of whole wheat toast and peanut butter, oatmeal and fruit, or fat-free yogurt and granola, you could increase your metabolism by 10 percent. It’s just that simple!


Snack Away

While we’re talking about eating, let’s talk about snacks. Eating healthy, nutrient filled snacks in appropriate snack portions keeps you from binge eating; by extension, snacks keep you from feeling lethargic and gaining more weight. Be sure to not let your fingers linger over sugary pastries and greasy chips. The key is combining protein and carbohydrates to keep your energy and blood sugar levels in check. Plus, you feel satisfied. Reach for almonds or some other nuts, a banana and peanut butter, carrots and hummus, or low-fat cheese and an apple.


Stop slashing calories

Yes, we said it, and we meant it. Drastic cuts of your daily calorie intake deprives your body of its fuel, something that it’s reliant on for keeping up a healthy metabolism. As well, significant slashes cue an innate instinct that tells your body that there is no food around. By doing this, your body goes into survival mode and tries to conserve more carbohydrates and fat by decreasing your metabolic rate. If you’re trying to cut calories, start with cutting a 100 each day.



You spin class instructor may have mercy on your soul by having a recovery period of slowly peddling mid-class, but there are other reasons behind he or she integrating intervals. Studies have shown that having an interval-based work out, switching back-and-forth between intense exercise and recovery, boosts your metabolism. According to a handful of studies, interval workouts manipulates the mitochondria (for all of you that aced Biology, you remember that the mitochondria is the energy producing organelle of the cell model) to burn more fat. So, treat yourself to a brisk walk or light jog after sprinting for a couple of minutes, or bring down the incline on your treadmill settings after you’ve climbed a hill. You’re doing your metabolism a favor!


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