How to Do a Fishtail Braid

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You’ve seen it from red-carpet fashion to the eliptical at the gym: it’s the ever-present fishtail, and it’s swimming its way to one of the trendiest hair-dos.

If you’re like us and haven’t quite mastered it, here are some simple step-by-step instructions on perfecting that vogue hairdo!

Preparation tip: curling your hair will give you added volume. Don’t forget to spritz some heat protection spray prior to doing so!

Step 1:

Part your hair into two equal sections, then divide those two strands into two more. You should now have 4 separate parts.

Step 2:

Using your index finger, take the portion on your very right and cross it over to become part of the very left portion. Remember, as your fishtailing, you’re always grabbing the outside portion of each side. Also, don’t forget to pull the sections tight when you are crossing them over!

Step 3:

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Now, grab the left section, and pull it tight to join the right. Keep alternating the sides until you reach the end of your locks.

Step 4:

Grab a rubber band (may we suggest a fun colorful one?) and secure your fishtail to one side of your head, or let it dangle down your back.


Voila! You now have completed the fishtail braid. Pat yourself on the back.

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