How To Fake A Sicilian Tan

Winter, you can not keep on keepin’ on. I beg of you. It’s usually about this time my skin starts to crave the sun, but since I can’t just take off to Sicily, I’ll have to settle for this amazing makeup trick.   Check out how to fake a sicilian tan.


Legendary makeup artist Pat McGrath created a sun kissed complexion at Dolce&Gabbana’s Spring/Summer 2013 show over a year ago, but she uses an special trick to impart a bronzed summer look on her models. She mixes three different warm toned blushes – a tawny tan, a coral red, and a peachy apricot – to create a truly sun kissed glow. She buffed this color combination onto the cheeks and up into the hairline, and most importantly, she took whatever pigment left on the fluffy brush to the brow bone and brushed it from the high point of the brow bone into the temples. Genius!


It makes sense, right? You don’t just tan on your cheeks or forehead, but everywhere, especially the high points of your face! The tanner you are, the more red you get – in that “Oh, this is just my Mediterranean glow” kind of way. Just to pound my point home, Dolce&Gabbana used this instant glow trick in the Spring/Summer 2014 show again. Really, why wouldn’t you? If I lived in Italy, I would be inspired by Sicily, too.


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