How to Get Longer Lashes


We all have them and we all seem to want longer lashes, don’t we?  I would say that I have normal length lashes but over the years have tried many different ways to make them look as long as the Magnificent Mile!  I have a few tips to share with you that work for me and I hope they work for you too!  Besides talking mascara, I want to also discuss with you fake lashes…yes, I said it, fake lashes.  Don’t hate! I love them although I definitely think there is a time and place for them.  I wouldn’t wear them daily unless I absolutely needed too, but for the right event…watch out Lilly Ghalichi!

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First tip ~ use two mascaras. You are probably thinking, really? One more step in the morning…yes!  It really works!  I use Victoria’s Secret Triple Drama or High Definition mascara first…only on the top lashes, a couple swipes and that’s all, it’s like a primer for the next step.  Now here is where the length happens. Mascara #2, Bare Minerals Flawless Definition Volumizing. Get crazy and go, go, go!  The brush of mascara #2 has the perfect bristles to separate and lengthen for that dramatic look that looks, well, amazing!  Your lashes will look long and fabulous!


I didn’t forget ~ fake lashes!  There are so many different styles out there so choose the one that you love the most!  I opt for somewhat natural looking lashes but have fun with it!  Remember to buy a good glue too and tweezers are your friend!  They help to hold the lash if you are using individual’s or even if you are trying out strip lashes. Plus it avoids getting glue all over your fingers! Just make sure to hold down and press slightly to get a good stick to your eyelid!  Don’t worry if they aren’t perfect, once you apply your “mascara’s”..yes, plural, and the rest of your eye make-up, no one will know! It’ll be our little secret!

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