How to Groom Eyebrows While Growing Them Out

Let’s face it (no pun intended). Every gal feels her best when she can go out knowing her eyebrows are on point.  Every woman wants to know how to groom eyebrows properly.  So we give them a little love maybe once or twice every couple weeks, right? But because not all of us are beauty gurus, there always are those few times where we over do it, and pluck, wax, or trim off a little more than necessary. Or a lot more. We here at Sarah Scoop just want to let you know that if you are going through that awkward growing-back phase, it is completely fine. Girl, we got you.

Today there are plenty of brilliant beauty tools for learning how to groom eyebrows quickly. For this, you’ll just need a pair of tiny nose hair/ eyebrow scissors and an eyebrow comb. Oftentimes, the eyebrow comb comes dual-sided — that is, one side with a fine-tooth comb, and the other, an eyebrow brush, that will consist of thicker, condensed bristles. Try to use that one.

What you’re going to do is an easy two-step process, with preferably no makeup on your brows.

1) Using the brush side of the dual-sided comb, brush your eyebrows upwards. This may leave them looking a little funny, especially if some are long and the lengths of the hairs are uneven. We aren’t going to leave them like this, but just a side note — thick, upward groomed brows are very runway-esque.

2) Then, using the other side, comb your brows from the bottom up, wiggling the hair well into the teeth of the comb. Make sure the comb is flush (flat) against your skin. So, with the brush flat against your skin, the hair will be set through the teeth of the comb and part of it sticking out, leaving a small amount of hair protected by the comb. Using your scissors, trim off the hair sticking through. Do this starting at the ends of your brows, working inwards. Also, it from different angles — upwards, downwards, and diagonally, to make sure the hairs are of uniform length.

Since you’re trying to make your eyebrows look good while growing out sparse areas, all this trimming may seem like we’re defeating the purpose. But we’re doing it for good reasons, trust. One, it’s a great way to not only grow out, but slowly reshape your brows, too. Trimming them to reasonable length makes it easier to see the true shape of your brows. Going from there, you can see how you want to tailor them. And two, you don’t have to truly grow them to odd lengths to grow them out. Growing them out usually means letting hair that was once there and no longer is (everyone gets carried away, don’t fret) grow back. This takes a long time for some reason. Just letting them grow back for that long without grooming them properly could end up look like a hairy disaster, especially for us women.

In the beginning, especially with your brows trimmed, it could be easy for your sparse areas to look even more sparse. This is where learning how to groom eyebrows properly comes into play. Purchase (if you don’t already own one) a good brow powder or pencil. Though this certainly isn’t true with all types of cosmetics, I find that brow makeup is good no matter what brand, how much you pay for it, etc. One I get from CVS or Walgreens will likely do the same exact thing as one I buy from Sephora. Remember to always chose one shade lighter than your natural hair color to keep it from looking too dark or too intense. And just fill in accordingly (sorry, that’s a whole ‘nother tutorial). Trim and groom every time you feel they are getting unruly, and your brows will be back in full thickness in no time!

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