How to Make Your Eyes Pop

There are certain tones and colors that will make your eyes stand out moreso than others.  By using the techniques and suggestions listed below, your eyes are sure to pop. An overall rule is to not use eyeshadow colors that are the same as your eyes.  This will just make your eyes look more dull considering the tone that is next to it.  Instead, try to add colors that will contrast your eyes.  Different colors against each other make them stand out much more. However, when it comes to clothes, typically wearing the color of your eyes is a good idea considering they are a significant distance apart, and the color of the clothes will capture your eyes rather than make them blend in.

Blue Eyes

Eye Shadow to Use: Darker tones such as brown (mascara as well).  Also rose, violet, and lavender color eye shadows.  Silver and gold tones look good against the eye as well.

Clothes to Wear: Pink and blue.


Green Eyes

Eye Shadow to Use: Dark purple, bronze, peach (with either brown or black mascara).

Clothes/Accessories: Green and gold.


Brown Eyes

Eye Shadow to Use: light colors work best with brown eyes. Blue, gold, pink, purple, and green (with black mascara).




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