DIY: How To Make Your Own Toy Story Forky

by Sarah Ruhlman
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Toy Story 4 brings a whole new meaning to the phrase “making new friends.” We’ve got the scoop on how you can literally make your new friend. Forky is the first homemade toy to join Woody’s gang. Follow along and make your own Forky before you see Toy Story 4, in theaters June 21st. I used a box kit to make Forky (you can grab one here), or just gather the supplies!

What You’ll Need For This Craft:

Steps to Make Forky

1. Add googly eyes to your spork

First, peel the paper adhesive back off your googly eyes and place them on your spork. You’ll want to put them on the side of the spork that curves out. Forky has one eye that’s bigger than the other, so it’s okay if they aren’t the same size.

2. Create a sticky tack base

Roll a small piece of white tack around in your hands so it’s soft and flexible, and form a squished ball. Stick the end of the spork into the putty so Forky stands up straight and tall.

3. Give Forky some legs

Carefully snap your popsicle stick in half, creating two equal, smaller sticks. Put your sticks inside the sticky tack to form two legs. Fun Fact: Forky has a tiny rainbow sticker on his left foot, so be sure to remember it!

4. Make arms and hands

Take your red pipe cleaner and bend it around Forky’s handle to create his arms. Twist the ends of the pipe cleaner into hands.

5. Finish the face

Take the blue wikki stix and shape it into a big smile before putting it onto the spork. Next, use the red stix and fold it to create eyebrows (or eyebrow) for Forky. The Wikki stix should automatically stick to the spork, so no need for glue.

Now, you’ve got a friend in Forky!

Congrats, you just made a new best friend! Forky is an amazing DIY toy who is ready for adventure in Toy Story 4.

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