DIY: Palm Tree Nails

This manicure was first seen upon the lovely hands of British It girl Alexa Chung last year during New York Fashion Week.  It was winter in New York, but in true Alexa form she was already a season ahead of the fashion curve.  The look is adorable anytime of year, but the summer is definitely a perfect time to try it out!

To begin you will need an opaque white nail polish for your base color.  For the palm leaves and tree trunk it is easiest to use some sort of nail art brush that has a very thin and soft brush to allow for such precise strokes.  Use a bright green color for the leaves and orange or brown for the trunk.  It can be a little tricky to make such a small design on your own nails, but with a little patience your end result will be a masterpiece.

Each trunk is just one gentle swipe of the brush slightly curving towards you all the way to the end of your nail.  Feel free to make each of your trees unique, for instance have some with four leaves and others with five.  After letting your design dry for at least five minutes so as to avoid any smudging, finish off with a clear polish topcoat to avoid chipping.

And there you have it!  Now you’re ready to lounge poolside underneath the palm trees.

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    • Brittany
    • August 5, 2012

    Super Cute!

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