How to Remove Dark Spots

by Sarah Scoop

How to Remove Dark Spots

We hate acne. Correction, we hate the dark spots that are left after acne. These dark spots, also known as post inflammatory hyperpigmentation are left behind after your breakouts. Here are a few products and tips to help you remove these pesky pains!  Check out these easy tips on how to remove dark spots.

1. Wear Sunscreen The sun’s rays can darken your existing spots so if you must go out in to the sun you definitely need to wear sunscreen, and no SPF in your makeup doesn’t count as much as wearing real sunscreen meant for your face! I wear sunscreen under my makeup every day because the sun is out every day, even if you aren’t consciously lying in the sun. I love Neutrogena’s line of sunscreen because they have a huge line of varied products to fit your skin, including a line geared towards acne prone skin that is anti-breakout!

2. Use a Serum or Treatment Under Moisturizer Using a serum or treatment geared towards brightening your skin tone and evening your complexion is one of the easiest ways to diminish the appearance of your dark spots. Clinique, Physicians Formula, Peter Thomas Roth and many other brands offer brightening treatments. Quick Tip: Use your strongest product on your skin first, this is the product that will absorb and penetrate your skin the most.

3. Don’t pick at active breakouts Do not pick at your breakouts! This is one of the biggest cause that dark spots appear on your skin post breakout, so do not pick, pop, or play with any pimples!

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