How to Save a Wet Cell Phone

Disclosure: As member of a pretty cool team of influencers, (I received the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with line of service from Verizon. No additional compensation was provided, nor did I promise a positive feedback) all opinions are my own.


As I packed up my things and shut down my computer today at work, I looked out the window and could hardly see a single thing. It was as if a tsunami or a hurricane had taken over East Lansing (which is in the middle of Michigan, nowhere near any tropical storms), and there was absolutely no way I could walk home.

I frantically called my friend, who quickly agreed to pick me up, and stared outside as I waited for her car to appear. That’s when I saw my worst nightmare unfolding before me. It was a young girl, probably a freshman or sophomore, running through the rain without an umbrella getting completely drenched. And what did I see? I saw her drop her phone right in the middle of a puddle.

She immediately stuck her hand in the brown, dirty water and pulled out the phone without a reaction. Now, if it were me, the entire city would have heard my scream. Props to you for handling it so well, girlfriend.

It got me thinking, though. What would I do if that actually did happen to me? How do you save a wet cellphone? Well, I came up with a plan of attack so that if I’m ever in this horrid situation, I know exactly what to do.

1. Act fast. This girl immediately stuck her hand in the muddy puddle and pulled out her phone. You don’t have time to worry about getting dirt under your perfectly manicured fingernails. Just grab it!

2. Dry it off as quick as possible. Obviously, there’s water on the inside, that’s a given. But if you get the water on the surface off quickly enough, you may be able to prevent more from getting inside.

3. If you have a SIM card, remove it now. It’s also beneficial to remove the battery, too. This is when its unfortunate to have an iPhone…

4. Avoid moving the phone excessively. You don’t want the water that is already inside to continue to move throughout the phone, that’ll just cause a big mess.

5. Completely submerge it in uncooked rice. Rice loves water. It will absorb all of the water that it can and, hopefully, leave you with a much drier phone. Just don’t eat the rice after.

If you’re lucky, when you put your phone back together, or turn it back on, it’ll work like a charm! If not…. Well, it looks like you have a trip to the wireless store in your near future.

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