How To Shop Like A Pro

I think most women consider themselves professional shoppers, but there is always room for improvement!  We all run into trouble at times whether it is getting distracted, going over budget, or simply not being in the right mindset to get everything you need.  Thankfully, there are some extremely easy ways to shop more efficiently:

Wear a strapless bra
You never know what you are going to try on, and those straps can make it hard to imagine what a strapless dress or shirt will look like after you buy it.  When you wear a strapless bra, you make it possible to try on every item of clothing and see it exactly the way you would wear it.

Wear a t-shirt and jeans
Again, you want to make trying cloths on as easy as possible.  Jeans go with just about every top, so you can try on shirts with a pair of pants you would actually wear them with.  Same goes for a plain white t-shirt.  It goes with nearly every pair of pants or skirt you would try on, which makes your dressing room experience a little easier.

Wear slip on shoesslip on shoes
How annoying is it to have to unlace your sneakers or re-buckle your sandals every time you try on a new pair of pants?  Wearing ballet flats or flip-flops make changing in and out of bottoms a whole lot easier.

Make a list
When you walk into the mall and realize how many shops there are, it can become a little overwhelming.  Where to start?  If you make a list of things you definitely need to pick up BEFORE you leave, it will help make your shopping trip go by quicker.  That way, you know exactly where to go and stay focused on what you need.  This also helps with my next point…

Have a budget
When you have a budget, it keeps you from buying items that you (deep down) know you have no use for or would never wear.  Plus, it can help make your mall trips a little more frequent, because you didn’t blow all of your money at once!

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Come back for an item later
While you are keeping to your budget, you may be a bit torn about whether to buy a certain piece of clothing.  If you really like something but only just started shopping, there is no harm in looking elsewhere and coming back for it when you are done shopping.  You might find something you love more or, even better, find it for less!

Eat before you leave
It’s hard to stay focused on getting what you need when your stomach is telling you to head back to the food court! If you eat before you leave, it will keep you from dipping into your budget to get food.

Follow these simple guidelines, and you will be able to get everything you need and keep yourself from buying unnecessary items.  Happy shopping!


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