How To: Start Your eBay Business

eBay is an easy way to make money by selling almost any item, here are a few steps to start your eBay business.

1. Start off as a buyer to earn positive feedback, this way when you begin selling, your buyers can trust you because beginning with no feedback makes it harder for you to earn trust from potential buyers.

2. Begin small by listing one to two similar items, and keep your listing simple by giving enough information where the buyer has a good idea of what they are buying, buy don’t make it too long.

3. Accurately describe your item in the description, but don’t sugarcoat anything especially if the item is pre-owned, this can give you a bad reputation for lying about an items quality.

4. Spending more will often earn you more because more photos, more ad’s gives buyers more info about your item.

5. Make sure to leave feedback, and you will receive- this will get you a good reputation and make more $$!


Do you sell anything on eBay? Let me know!

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