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Want to try a new trend? Get the scoop on how to wear polka dots.  They’re a fashion trend that has lasted throughout the decades. They accented halter-neck dresses in the 50’s, played a key role of the mod trend in the 60’s, and have speckled themselves on every article of clothing since. If you haven’t guessed what fashion trend we’re referring to, just go look in your closet. We gurantee that somehow, somewhere, there are polka dots on at least one article of clothing that you own! The real question is, how can you bring some 21st century spice to the ever popular polka dots?  We here at Sarahscoop are here to encourage you to step outside of the box and spring for some circles.


Point your pants

Where you’ve probably seen a majority of polka dots lately aren’t on tops or dresses: they’re on pants. A great place to start with mastering the polka dotted pants is wearing a complimentary top, like Miss Swift does or fashion blogger, Alissa May Edwards


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or make it your own, like Anne Hathaway


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Bye bye to boring blouse


Take your blouse from blasé to blazing! Sauce up that same ‘ole polka dot blouse that’s been hanging in your closet with some colored pants, high waisted shorts, or a leather skirt.


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Edgy Polka Dot Dress



Who says that polka dot dresses have to be June Cleaver? Give your thrift store find (or  your Forever 21 purchase lsat week) a little edge. We personally like a leather jacket with a motorcycle ankle boot, but denim shirts, sneakers,  and other novelty items are welcomed. Word to the wise, keep it minimal. Less is more!




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Polka dots can be dressy, too. Polka Dots get a sexy but sophisticated edge with these sheer dresses. Take  note from Adele and Kate Moss.



Adding a polka dot item to your closet is never a bad idea. It will never grow old, and as you’ve learned, you can always make it your own.

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  1. Wendy Mastin says

    Thank you for taking on Polka Dots. There is always something polka dotted in my closet and it never goes out of style.

  2. Tami Vollenweider says

    I don’t know if I actually on any clothes with Polka Dots! I’ll check it out,and maybe I’ll get bold and do some mixing up!

  3. Mary Gallardo says

    I love polka dots, but always feel like I am a bit too big to wear them!

  4. polly says

    i love polka dots even though i only have a couple of tops….they never go out of style!

  5. Melissa S says

    I love polka dots,but it’s true they can look dated if overdone.

  6. Anna says

    I love how polka dots are versatile !

  7. Barbara R. says

    I have always loved polka dots. They are classic and never go out of style. I can wear them night and day. I always feel chic and stylish.

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