Hurricane Sandy: A New Yorkers Perspective

Last week the North East was hit by Hurricane Sandy and although everyone was told how devastating the storm was going to be nobody thought it was going to be that bad especially after Hurricane Irene last year since we were able to return to normal living within days. This is not the case with Hurricane Sandy. Towns like Long Beach NY are completely ruined displacing families everywhere. The Boardwalk I walked on in Long Beach this past summer no longer exists. My family and I were in the dark for four days and we had to use a wood burning stove for warmth and collected sticks daily to keep the fire going. I had to walk to the train station up the block to keep my electronics charged. The lines at fast food places such as Wendy’s and Burger King are between an hour to two hours to grab a burger because nobody has power to cook meals at home.

Some of my closest friends who once had homes on the water have to rebuild their entire homes because of salt water damage. There are homes with houseboats on top of their properties. People who have to travel into the city for work by railroad is slowly coming back but its very crowded. the worst of it is the gas issue that is plaguing the area. The lines for gas are so long people are waiting hours to get some gas only to get to the pump and there isn’t gas left. In New Jersey they have implemented a system so certain cars can get gas on certain days. The Jersey Shore is wrecked and what once was a boardwalk is now a mangled mess.

I know this is a fashion and style website but I wanted to give Sarah Scoop a personal perspective on the devastating situation that is happening right in the NY area. My home wasn’t ruined and thankfully didn’t have to throw out any of my personal belongings but there are many others out there who lost everything. If anybody can donate to those who are in dire need here are a few ways you can do that.


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