I want a six pack… of abs!

This summer, do you want to look fit, fierce, and fabulous in your awesome new bathing suit? I play collegiate sports, and my friends on the team and I are doing this thing called “six pack summer”. We want six packs by the last day of school so that we can have beautiful bikini bods! If you’re looking for ways to flatten those winter stuffed abs, here are some of the best, most affective abs we could come up with!


Everyone know how to do your basic bicycle ab; hands behind your head, legs replicating the movements of bike pedaling, body rotating with your legs. But we shook things up a little bit with our workouts and added some weight. Now, when you rotate your legs, take a 5 pound weight and either: 1) rotate it through your legs as you pedal or 2) rotate it back and forth as you pedal. I think through the legs is a bit tougher, but it’s up to you! To make those abs (especially you upper abs) and pelvic muscles work extra hard, extend your legs as far as you can with every pedal and still try to go as fast as you can!


These are very basic, too! You can do these in your basic pushup position, and hold them for a minute, give or take. To work your obliques, side planks are always a winner. Here is a way to really spice up your everyday plank; go up into a side plank and reach all the way under your body, like your grabbing something. Do these for a minute or so then switch sides. To increase difficulty even more, try bringing one leg off the ground, hold for a minute, then switch.

Throw Downs

These can be done alone but are especially good with a partner to work all over abs! Start lying on your back with your legs 90 degrees with your body, straight in the air. Have a partner throw your legs to the side, then come back up to start position. Then, throw to the middle, back to start, then to the other side, back to start. Do about 20 reps. One rep would be all three ways thrown (so technically, 60 reps).

Bench Scoops
You know that little flabby pouch low on your tummy that no exercise can seem to reach? Well, fear no more because I know the cure to the pooch! Scoop abs! On your back, lay on the end of a bench, table, chair, or whatever and hold on to the piece of equipment behind your head. Then bring your legs up to your chest. Throw your legs below the level of your bench in a scooping motion, then kick them back all the way in a circular motion, back to your chest in one continuous motion. It seems complicated but it’s not at all once you get going! Try doing sets to 20 maybe 3 times. Work those V-cuts!

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