8 Important Essentials To Pack For College

People tend to over pack when they are heading off to college. The truth of the matter is this. Dorms are small and you wont have a lot of space. Pack lightly and save some shopping for stores surrounding your college. Is it necessary to bring six winter coats when your’ sharing a closet with a complete stranger? No.  Here is my list of essential things to pack for college.

1)   Flip Flops- Invest in a good pair of flip-flops. In most cases you wont have a bathroom all to yourself. You’ll probably be sharing with at least two other people. This isn’t your bathroom from back home your mother cleans on a daily basis. Wear shoes when your wandering around the dorm and especially when your headed to the shower.

2)   Robes- walking around in a towel in front of strangers can be a little awkward. Bring a robe to avoid these moments. Besides there is nothing worse then forgetting your key and standing outside your room wrapped in a towel.

3)   Under the bed storage – dorms are small. Your pretty much packed in like a sardine. These bins will come in handy when storing extra clothes and blankets because trust me, the closet will not be enough room for all your stuff.

4)   Quarters- this is one of the most important things to make sure you have. How else do you expect to do your laundry? Unless you plan on traveling back and fourth to do your laundry at home which if you’re far from home is very unlikely. Machines only take quarters or dollar bills most of the time.

5)   Fan- there is no AC in dorms and it can get sweltering hot. Bringing a small fan to attach to your bed will be a lifesaver.

6)   Shower Caddy- You’ll probably be bringing your stuff back and fourth to the bathroom. One of these will come in handy for trips to the shower. Its not very fun to be holding all your stuff in your hands so make sure you do not forget a shower caddy.

7)   Laundry Bag- throwing your clothes on the floor like your back at home  in your bedroom might not make your roommate happy. Bring a laundry basket of some kind to college to keep your dirty clothes organized and for when you’re doing your laundry.

8) Lastly two items aren’t what you should bring necessarily but what you should leave at home. Do not bring expensive items to college and do not bring candles even if it’s for decoration.  Candles are a fire hazard and could get you thrown out of your dorm room if something happens.


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