How To Improve Your Sleep + Maintain Your Health and Peace of Mind

Sleep is an elusive concept to many of us. In fact this year, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine reports 79% of all people get less than the suggested seven hours of sleep, with Americans getting only around 6. Just one hour less than prescribed a night has shown been shown by a study by AAA to DOUBLE the risk of traffic incidents and contributes other detriments to our health such as excess weight and stress.


2017 brought us the largest consumer sleep study ever was conducted. Arianna Huffington wrote an entire book about it… Sleep is definitely a hot topic. Plus the pace of our lives has progressively accelerated reducing the amount of sleep we get- especially during the stress of the holidays. Many products are making quality sleep more attainable and Consumer Expert Kelsey Hubbard here with tools to ¬†maintain our health and peace of mind and improve our sleep for 2018.

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