Interesting Jobs That Pay More Than $90k

by Sarah Ruhlman
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We all want to get paid a little more. That’s natural. But to really fly high, you need to be on a particular career path. Here are some of the most exciting jobs you can do today that pay more than $90k.


Art Director

What’s an art director? Well, part of the role is what you would expect. It involves being creative and having an artistic sense. But it’s also a job that requires some business acumen. Art directors need to be able to manage people, juggle marketing and be experts in PR. Because it’s such a varied job, it commands a high wage and requires quite significant experience. If you want to become an art director, you’ll have to have a background in art and management. The best way to do this is to try to get yourself noticed in the industry, according to creativebloq. It’s about having the ability to be creative from briefs that in themselves appear bland.

Art director pay averages $96,000.


It’s no secret that lawyers are well paid. After all those years spent in school, you’d certainly hope they were. What’s interesting is how much lawyer pay varies, depending on experience and location. Lawyers in New York, for instance, can expect a 30 percent pay boost over lawyers working in the south. Lawyer pay also depending on whether lawyers work for a firm or themselves. Often lawyers will move on from legal firms, once they have enough experience and establish their own businesses. When it comes to lawyer pay, the sky really is the limit. But average pay right now is sitting around $131,900.

Crime Scene Investigator

According to the BLS, Federal crime scene investigators earn an average of $94,800. State and local investigators do not earn as much, although they still make a healthy living. But it’s not just the pay that makes the job attractive. It’s how exciting and intense the work is. Crime scene investigators will find themselves needed whenever evidence must be collected and preserved.

Getting on the path to becoming a crime scene investigator is relatively easy, compared to many top paying careers. You can now do an online Criminal Justice degree which leads on to the role.

Software Developer

According to USNews, software developer is consistently ranked among the best jobs in the country. And it’s not just down to the pay (which is good). Working conditions are usually very comfortable. Most developers can work from their home. And the work is both exciting and challenging. What’s more, the sector has very low unemployment, meaning it’s easy to find employment.

Software developers’ primary role is to design computer programs. They take home a median salary of $92,660.

Sales Manager

What’s the difference between a salesperson and a sales manager? Well, it’s rather simple. Salespeople are those who go out and sell directly to customers. Sales managers, on the other hand, analyze data and set sales goals. In other words, they’re the brains behind the scenes, pushing a company’s product forward.

Getting on this career path can be very lucrative. Top sales managers earn $125,000 today.

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