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I just wanted to let everyone know that I am now part of the Tria Blogger Review Program.  Tria Beauty is a laser hair removal device that people can use at home.  I just activated my Tria today and tried out a small area on my leg.  I am going to wait 24 hours and then do my first application.  I will be posting a follow up post this week, letting everyone know how the 1st Tria treatment went.  I will then follow up after each treatment and fill all of you in on if the at home laser hair removal is working for me.

“The Tria hair removal device is like an in home laser hair removal treatment.  Laser hair removal has been used by medical experts since its breakthrough almost 20 years ago to liberate women from the endless hassles of shaving of waxing. It’s the leading non-surgical cosmetic procedure for women under 34 and the second most popular non-surgical procedure for women 35 years and older, according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery” (Tria Beauty).

According to Tria Beauty, “The FDA-cleared Tria Hair Removal Laser is the first and only hair removal laser available for at-home use. Easy to use and with 5 comfort settings, the Tria Hair Removal Laser delivers the same permanent results you get with  professional treatments. It will free you from the endless hassle of shaving, waxing, ingrown hairs and razor burn.”

I am really excited to be a part of this program and will keep you updated as we see if it works. 🙂

Disclosure: I received no compensation other than the Tria Hair Removal Laser device.  All opinions are mine.


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