Justin Bieber’s ‘Believe’ in Stores!

Finally, the much-anticipated “Believe” has dropped and is in stores today! The third studio album from teen sensation Justin Bieber proves to be everything he said it would be and more. Even though it’s only been officially out since June 19, fans have already listened enough to learn all of the words. Beliebers, as his fans call themselves, won’t stop at anything to learn every line and every note to every single song.

“Believe” has a mix of genres, which shows the diversity that Bieber has. He can easily go from hitting high notes in a ballad to rapping in a fast-paced, upbeat song. Is there anything Bieber can’t do?

It’s clear that Bieber has come quite a long way since his “One Time” days. His lyrics now have much more meaning and his voice has greatly matured. He’s gotten older and with that, so has his music.

For this album, Bieber collaborated with artists like Nicki Minaj and Drake. The songs they’re featured on prove to already be big hits with his fans. We’re patiently waiting for the day that he decides to release a song with his girlfriend Selena Gomez. We’re not alone in this, right?!

Justin Bieber also gets much more personal on this album than ever before. He even has a song called “Maria,” which is dedicated to Mariah Yeater the girl who claimed that Bieber got her pregnant. Don’t worry though; everything Mariah had said was false. He makes it pretty clear in the song that, “that’s not my baby, that’s not my girl.”

All in all, we are huge fans of Bieber’s new album. If you haven’t already listened to it make sure you give it a chance! Some great songs to listen to are “Believe,” “Thought of You,” “Beauty and a Beat,” “Be Alright,” and “All Around the World.” Let us know what you think of Justin Bieber and his new album.

WARNING: Listening to Justin Bieber’s new album may cause a case of Bieber Fever.


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