Kansas City Fashion Week Friday Night Runway Show Recap 2017

The Friday night runway show at Kansas City Fashion Week was definitely one for the books.  The event was incredible from start to finish and each collection was very different, giving audience members a wide variety of some of the most stylish trends of the season.  Here is a recap of some of the best looks from Friday’s runway show!

Joshua Christensen

Former Project Runway contest Joshua Christensen opened the show successfully with a variety of different styles and prints.  Each male model was given white face paint and the female models had very intricate and detailed makeup as well.  I was getting some tropical vibes from many of the different prints and overall this was a great way to kick off the night.

Ethel and Dean

My favorite thing about this collection was that it was made for and modeled by children!  These adorable clothes featured plaid, denim and many military inspired details.  The fun patterns and designs wowed the audience and I surely would’ve rocked these cute clothes when I was younger.

Julia Fischer

This collection was bold and fun with many different colors and fabrics.  Holographic tops, fur details and denim were beautifully used with a mix of colors from bright greens to pinks and reds.  I was a huge fan of this collection and loved the fun variety among the pieces.

Nasheli Juliana

This all black and white collection was very avant-garde and I loved it.  The interesting shapes gave each piece a unique twist and nearly every outfit was topped off with a fascinating hood or headpiece.  

Lauren Bander

This collection was filled with feminine and gorgeous flowing dresses .  Sheer fabrics and velvet were prominently used and there was a great sense of cohesion between each outfit.  This collection ended on a very high note with a dress that actually lit up on the runway when the lights were turned off!

Andrea Marie Long Designs

This collection was filled with velvet, velvet and more velvet!  Leather, bold jewelry and deep neck lines were also used in this luxurious runway show.  The most prominent colors in the collection included dark blues, greens and teals that added to the overall elegance of each piece.


The 70’s served as the main source of inspiration for this collection and I was absolutely obsessed with it.  From fur to wide legged pants, this show was incredibly unique.  Every model also carried either a suitcase or hat box with them down the runway to serve as one last finishing touch to each look.

Queen’s Rocket

This bold menswear collection definitely ended the show on a high note.  The show featured fur, plaid and even a men’s skirt!  The variety in this final collection left the audience wanting more and I was very impressed.

This was definitely a great night at Kansas City Fashion Week, as each collection was very unique and different from the one before it.  Overall, I had an amazing experience at Kansas City Fashion Week and hope to rock some of the new styles that I saw on the runway!

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