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I love a new year!  It means a new calendar, a fresh planner and a chance to start the year off right.  We’ve all had those years that we were ready to be over in October June and excited for the new year to begin so we could start over.  Working on my fitness has been a huge focus of mine since October 2013.  Work had me on stress overload. I wasn’t eating right.  My work schedule didn’t allow a whole lot of friend time.  I knew I needed an outlet to get away from the stress and find a way to get excited about working out.  The Monday after my wedding I started working with a trainer  (I know, I know… I did it backwards) and I loved it!  I was constantly being pushed out of my comfort zone and trying new ways to tone up.

OK, OK… so you might be like “Heather, making new years resolutions are dumb because they never stick.”  Iknowright.  But hear me out!  Here are 5 tips to keep your new years fitness resolutions:

1. Commitment.  1 in 3 people  don’t follow through with their New Years resolutions because they weren’t committed to them in the first place.  Write down your goal.  Tell your bff(s).  Your work gal pal.  Tell someone that isn’t shy to hold you accountable.  The easiest way to get committed is to work towards an event.  A goal weight to squat.  Number of miles run in a single workout.  Sign up for a race with your best workout buddy and start training.

2. Start easy.  Walk for 30 minutes.  Alternate running and walking for 3 miles.  Take one yoga class a week before amping it up.  I found that I stayed positive about my workouts when I felt good about how well I did.  I could tell my husband that I ran/walked 5 miles!  Could I really run 5 miles straight through?  No.  Did it take me longer than 50 minutes? Yes.  Nevertheless, when I checked my Nike Running App, it said I did 5 miles.  I was proud of that!  So I went the next day and did the same thing.  My muscles weren’t overworked, my endorphins made me SO happy and I was proud of myself.

3. Routine.  Oh man.  This is a tough one.  In my job, my day is never the same.  I learned very quickly that even if my work day isn’t the same, I love routine.  My weekday morning routine is almost exactly the same.  I go to work.  I go to the gym.  Straight. From. Work.  It’s a part of my day.  There might be some exceptions, due to after work commitments (And no, unless it is for work, happy hour doesn’t count.)  If happy hour is a regular part of your week, try working out in the mornings those days or over the lunch hour.  That way you know your work out is done and you’ve earned that craft beer and cheesy won-tons.

4. Do something you love.  I grew up running.  I played soccer and ran cross country and track in high school.  I was never super awesome.  Except that one time I got 7th place in a JV race on our home course.  That was awesome, but not my point.  If you love dance, try taking an adult barre or ballroom dance class.  When you are doing something you love, that just happens to burn calories you enjoy doing it and can’t wait to go back.  But! Don’t be afraid to try something new.  Love running?  Try a spin class.  Love dancing?  Take a kickboxing class.  Love yoga?  Try a Pilates class.

5. Be realistic.  But don’t be hard on yourself.  We’d all love to drop a few pounds or tone our arms, but it doesn’t happen in a day.  Remember that muscle weighs more than fat.  You might stay at your current weight but your muscles are growing and getting stronger.  I always try to remember this pin, “It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing.  It takes 8 weeks for your friends and family and it takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world.  Keep Going.”  It’s so true.  Just because you might not be instantly dropping pounds or notice your clothes fitting differently right away, change is happening.  Believe in yourself.  You can do it!

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