4 Tips to Keep Yourself From Overeating on Thanksgiving

4 Tips to Keep Yourself From Overeating on Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is coming up on Thursday, which means that delectable, tender turkey is close to melting on our palettes…hold up, not so fast! Before you let your mouth water any further, it is important to know how to not overeat on Thanksgiving to the point your pants are too constricting. Here are some tips to not stretch your stomach too quickly and keep yourself from overeating on Thanksgiving!

Don’t skip on breakfast

Mistake number one for people who are wanting to prepare their stomachs for the day’s delicacies is not having a complete, balanced breakfast. Not kickstarting your Thanksgiving day with breakfast usually causes one thing: binge eating. When you have nothing around you to eat but mac & cheese and pumpkin pie… well, you do the math. Having something to stick to your ribs will keep you satisfied, and still hungry enough to make room for your favorite Thanksgiving dishes.

Savor each bite

This isn’t a marathon to clean your plate! Slowing down and chewing each bite with more care will allow time for your stomach to signal to your brain that you’re full- a process that takes approximately 20 minutes. So, with that in mind, put down your fork in between bites, indulge in the table conversation instead of your pecan pie, and take note of the myriad of flavors of the food you’re eating. That’s the best part of Thanksgiving, after all!

Opt for the baby plate

Your average sized plate may seem innocent, but be careful- bigger plates usually go hand-in-hand with piling on bigger portions. If you can, spring for the smaller plate, and by extension, smaller portions.

Don’t deprive yourself

You may think you’re doing yourself a favor by not touching your Granny’s mashed potatoes that you’ve been salivating over all year, but by keeping yourself from them, you heighten your chances of binge eating. On any other day, you should eat a balanced meal of protein, veggies, and fruits, but let’s be real: this is Thanksgiving. So, build your plate around two main, healthier choices, like turkey and a vegetable, then grab a spoonful (or maybe a couple of more) of the indulgent dishes you can’t keep your eyes off of. This way, you get to enjoy the flavors your favorite dishes without feeling the guilt later.

It’s Thanksgiving after all- show your appreciation for all of the yummy dishes in front of you, and for the hands that prepared it!


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