Keeping Your Boyfriend Healthy

So, you’ve found a good guy who is truly a keeper. You’re one another’s best friends and always have each others back no matter what. It only follows logic, then, that you’ll want to keep him healthy and happy.


Here are five ways to keep him feeling good and in tip-top physical condition.

Get any moles seen by a doctor

If your partner has any moles, he should be checking them every three months. If there is any history of melanoma, the checks should be even more regular and thorough. You’re looking for moles that look out of the ordinary at all. These are known as dysplastic moles. Look out for moles that itch or bleed, have irregular edges or are an uneven colour. New moles should also be taken notice of. If you or your partner notice a mole change in any way, see a Doctor straight away.  

Check out his private parts

Young men between 15 and 44 are most at risk of testicular cancer, and it is most prevalent in Caucasian men. But no matter what the age or race of your guy, you should both check him regularly for the signs. If he’s up for doing it himself, just send him an article that explains how. Or, if he wants your help, learn the best ways. This guide at gives you a good method to follow.

It might also be useful to know if there is any history of testicular cancer in his family. If there is, the chances of him having it increase by 10. That being said, check him regularly and you’ll most likely be absolutely fine. With a 99% cure rate when caught early, the odds are good if you both keep on top of it.

Suggest an STD screening

It may be that you’ve recently broken up for a while, or are in a polyamorous relationship. It could just be that you’d both never gotten around to getting tested while being together. Whatever the scenario, STD’s screenings are so important. When it comes to choosing where to go, weigh up the pros and cons of free tests vs charged tests. Instead, it might be worth paying a nominal fee for peace of mind about accurate results and fully protected personal details. explain that free clinics might have overly heavy workloads. Also, they may not accept insurance.

Go together for moral support, and treat yourself to dinner and drinks afterwards to celebrate your clean bill of health!

Encourage eye and dental checks

We’re all busy, and it can be tempting to skip appointments that don’t seem totally necessary. But encourage your guy to keep his eye and dental check-ups. Any problems will be quicker, easier, cheap and less painful to fix if caught early on.

Get him outdoors

This one is especially important if he’s always driving or sat in an office! Fresh air and sunshine do wonders for our minds and bodies. Go for a long walk on the weekends or take a hiking holiday.  

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