Keeping Your Stem Up


It’s summer and the bounce of spring is fading as the heat waves crash down. Us humans may find relief on the refreshing beaches and pools, but what about the flowers? Having a hard time keeping your flowers happy on the center of your kitchen table? No problem, just pour a little bit of hydrogen peroxide on them and they will be sure to perk up! It’s really quite incredible and it’s an old tip my grandmother passed down to me. Peroxide is an easy find at a low expense. Use it around the house to keep your plants happy or in your garden! It helps control and eliminate harmful pesticides or fungus and even helps prevent root rotting. Hydrogen peroxide is a surprisingly versatile solution but remember to use it in the drugstore-diluted form in small to medium amounts. In other words, when my plants need a spruce up I just tilt the hydrogen peroxide bottle for about 2 seconds. I try to mix it with the water or plant food rather than overbear the solution.  Good luck and feel free to admire your perky plants and healthy gardens!

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    […] Women like to get flowers for any reason. Unfortunately the flowers get wilted after a few days. My idea is to invent a fluid which can help the flower to keep fresh for weeks. In the internet I found also an good idea which is working with hydrogen peroxyde. See webpage sarah scoop. […]

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