All There is to Know About Repetitive Strain Injury From Industry Experts

If you work in a manual job, you likely know what repetitive strain injury is; and may have even had it. If you don’t work in a manual industry, you may be pondering what this injury is. Well, for all those who have no idea what is being spoken about, here is what the industry experts have to say about repetitive strain injury.


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NHS Choices:

NHS Choices is a great site that provides oversight on not only repetitive strain injury. When it comes to repetitive strain injury, NHS Choices outlines that it is a pain felt in muscles, nerves and tendons. And is caused by repetitive movement and overuse. Symptoms of the injury include:

  • pain, aching and tenderness.
  • Stiffness and throbbing.
  • Tingling or numbness, and weakness in the limb.

The site goes on to explain the different treatments for RSI and the ways in which it gets diagnosed.



The Bupa website describes repetitive strain injury as referring to aches and pain in any part of the upper body.  Aches and pains caused by overuse or poor working posture. Saying that there is no single treatment for RSI, the Bupa website goes on to say that treatment must first begin at work. This can be done by trying to reduce the activities or tasks that you are required to do at work. Applying either hot or cold packs on the affected area can help to reduce symptoms of repetitive strain injury.

RSI Action:

RSI Action is the national Repetitive Strain Injury charity. Yes, there’s a charity for it! The charity states that their objectives are to help the prevention of RSI and to relieve the hardship of those suffering from RSI. The foundation uses their website to claim that intense static activities, such as computer use, are increasing. They also argue that not enough is known about RSI and that the conditions linked to it are difficult to diagnose. The charity aims to reduce RSI incidents in the workplace, at school for students, and in the home.

Total Health:

You may now be wondering how RSI develops in the first place. Well, according to the Total Health website, RSI first begins as a small ache. This little ache is often overlooked meaning no help is sought from doctors, causing the pain to progress. The pain gets worse, both at night and during the day, and often makes it difficult to sleep. What started out as a slight ache in a joint or tendon will become a chronic condition.

If you suffer from repetitive strain injury due to work, then you may benefit from speaking to repetitive strain injury claim solicitors who could advise you on potential compensation for your injury.

I hope this short guide has given you all the information you need to know about repetitive strain injury, and its causes. If you lead a happy and healthy life and get plenty of rest at and after work, then I’m sure you won’t be struck by this awful injury. But if you are, then please head to the doctor and ask for some help.

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