Last Minute Checklist for Halloween

Halloween Tree

Wow, it’s Halloween morning … wait, you aren’t ready. You had been so busy and you had made plans to prepare for Halloween, but the fact that it’s already here just really woke you up. How are you going to get everything done before tonight? No worries, here’s a last minute checklist of Halloween things you can check off to make sure you got everything you need to be in spirit for this day!

  • Pumpkins. It’s never too late to get one. Yes, it may seems like there are no best ones left, but if you look hard in some places, or know someone who actually grow pumpkins on a farm that can give you a pumpkin, you’re all good. Get ’em carved to make jack o lantern or use it as decoration or use in your cooking, whatever works for you!
  • Candies. Let’s not forget candies are the main reasons children go trick or treating. Chocolates are the main candies, but you can also have sour patches, gummies, life savers, and anything else. And if all else, you can’t access candies from your cabinets or from the store, you can give away mini toys or items as well.
  • Decorations. This can range from light hangers to other associated Halloween items you can use to decorate. Taking a quick run to the store or borrowing extras from neighborhoods can be helpful, but if you don’t wish to spend, you can improvise and DIY on your own. What’s better than making one yourself and having people admire your work? All it can take may vary from construction papers to light bulbs and outlet.
  • Horror movies. What’s Halloween without some horror? Rent out some flicks you can watch with friends or family or if you happen to have some oldies, you can definitely watch those classics. Let’s not forget some popcorn you can make and spice it up with carmel or pumpkin or spice as well!
  • Costumes. Hey, even if you aren’t going out at all the whole day, the least you could do is dress up a bit or throw in Halloween colors. It’s okay if it’s not very creative either, your neighborhood will surely know something they have in the house to throw a twist on your costume.
  • Parties. Not everyone is a party person, but a party doesn’t have to be with people. You can celebrate with yourself or your family! But if you do plan to host or go to parties, do keep in mind of what you know you need to bring or what to set up. Good music, movies, and food are the key to having a good night as well as admiring each other’s costumes and partaking in contests.
  • Have fun. And let’s not forget, just have fun! Even if you don’t plan to do anything today, take on something new you don’t do everyday. It would be boring to do the same routine everyday. Take advantage of the day and enjoy!
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