Lauren Conrad Has No Fear When It Comes to Delivering Her Baby Boy

by Sarah Scoop
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In a recent interview with Fit Pregnancy, Lauren Conrad reveals that she isn’t stressed at all about her pregnancy. After posting an Instagram pic, the mommy-to-be is eager to enter a baby boy into the world.

“I’m thrilled to be having a boy. I really wanted a boy. My husband kept saying, ‘We just want a healthy baby.’ And I’d say, ‘But a boy would be nice!’ I was a wild little tomboy, so I think I understand boys. My mom always told me that nobody loves you like a son does, especially when he’s young.”

As far as labor pains, Lauren isn’t worried one bit. “Last night I ordered a book on putting together a birth plan. My main concern is doing whatever’s right in the moment. My friends have said, ‘Have a plan, but don’t be so committed that you’re unwilling to change if you need to.’ I’m not worried about the pain that comes with giving birth. Maybe I’m just naive, but it’s pretty low on my list of concerns. I feel like women have been doing this forever.”

The reality star-turned-entrepreneur successfully runs a blog as well as her online store, The Little Market. She also just launched a maternity line with Kohls. However, Lauren is confident that her team can handle business while she’s on maternity leave.

Lauren Conrad in Long Dress Baby Bump

“I’m running my own businesses, so it’s difficult to give myself maternity leave. But I’ve put things into place so I’ll be able to spend time recuperating and adjusting after I give birth. I made a big effort over the last two years to build a team that I trust, knowing my end goal was to be a mother. I’ve gotten to the place where I feel confident that I can step away for a minute and everyone will be able to carry on.”

We are confident Lauren is going to be a great mother to her baby boy, and will be able to handle anything thrown her away. Bring on motherhood.

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