Leg Shaving Tips

It’s time to get the scoop on these leg shaving tips. All girls love to have smooth, silky legs to show off when wearing skirts or dresses. Shaving can be tedious, sometimes painful and oftentimes frustrating (especially when you leave a patch of hair unshaven for all the world to see). So, just how often should you shave your legs? It really all depends on your body and how quickly your hair grows.

See, the thing with shaving is that it’s temporary and only tackles the hair at the surface of the skin. Because shaving does not uproot the actual hair you may need to do it daily to keep that silky texture to your legs.

Using some type of shaving cream or gel may also aid in shaving your legs. These lathery products keep your skin soft and also allow you to see which spots on your legs you’ve gone over with a razor.

Whatever your shaving method or frequency, be sure to keep your razor clean (don’t let it sit in water for the risk of rust!) and change it often. Also keep in mind that razor cuts are also a risk especially in shower where things tend to get soapy and slippery.


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