Life Advice From The Kardashians

The Kardashians have been there, done that, and lived to tell their story. Check out these nuggets of life wisdom they have graciously shared with us over the years. Follow along closely, take notes, and always ask yourself, “what would the Kardashians do?”.

Yeah, just don’t. It like causes wrinkles and stuff.
Don’t waste your time.
Yeah, what she said.
Being a Positive Polly is so yesterday.
When doctor says you need to cut back on the fried donut double cheeseburgers.
And make sure everyone like knows this.
Not so much as life advice but more like life facts.
Yeah, just like shrug it off.
Your new response when the waiter asks how everything is tasting.
Just like, do you.


There’s like a lot of fish in the sea.


Not a Kardashian but just as inspiring
And they can’t be sold on eBay.
We like need a how-to book on this one, Kim.
It’s simple.
Let go of your peasant ways and let out your inner Lord.

Remember, if we all live our lives like the Kardashians, the world would be a better place. Look out world!

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