Lifestyle Changes To Make Getting Fit Easy

We all want to be fit and healthy and have a good figure, but it can seem so challenging to find the time to head to the gym every day. If you’re super busy like me, but still want to exercise, try some of these easy lifestyle changes to help you to increase your overall fitness.

These boots are made for walking…


That’s right, walking is your friend. Get off the bus a stop early and walk to work. Even better, skip the bus altogether and walk the whole journey! Walking is a low impact activity that helps you to burn calories and tones your muscles. It is also free to do, and you can easily work it into your day-to-day routine. Any time you would use the car or public transport can be converted into a mini workout, so get your trainers on and walk for your lives! You should be aiming to do about 15,000 steps a day, and a little more if you’re trying to lose weight. Remember to have some supportive, comfy shoes as you may find your Manolo Blahniks are not suitable for this activity.

Active Hobby
Another easy way to get fit is to take up an active hobby. This means you get to have fun and not think about all the calories that you are burning, while giving your body a good workout. Great active hobbies include rock climbing, roller skating, skiing and Zumba. I even know people that have turned their active hobby into a new career. If this sounds like something you’d be into, why not consider taking a peek at a ski instructor course or some Zumba training.

On ya bike!


Riding a pushbike is a fantastic way of getting around town and getting fit at the same time. Whether you live in the city, or the country it’s easy to fit a bike ride into your daily schedule. You can bike to work to and from work. Take the kids on a bike ride. Or how about a short ride in your lunch break to blow the cobwebs away? Remember you’re not only burning calories but toning your legs and improving your balance. There are plenty of bikes available to suit all budgets and styles, like this vintage one here. Don’t forget your helmet, though!

Fitness tracker

Another small improvement you can make in your lifestyle is to get a fitness tracker. A range of these is now available including Garmin and Fitbit. They attach to the wrist or onto your clothes and monitor your activity levels. Fitness trackers record a range of statistics, including how many steps you’ve taken and the amount of sleep you’ve got you have had that night. It makes keeping track of all your achievements easy, as you can download all the information to the corresponding app. This also helps you to meet your goals as shows you daily progress and how far you have to go.

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