Lisa Frank for Urban Outfitters

Lisa Frank is selling at Urban Outfitters. Like, oh my gosh! Let me repeat that: Lisa Frank is selling at Urban Outfitters!

For all of the girls that were alive and well in the 80’s and 90’s, you can jump up and down for joy, just like you did in the school supplies aisle, at this news.

The edgy indie retailer will bring back our favorite neon stationary accessories that are identical to their original form. Dancing dolphins, painting pandas, ballerina bunnies, and every other character imaginable will be available in pencils, notepads, erasers, etc. Our 90’s selves are doing the Macarena right now.

Well, if Lisa Frank and Urban Outfitters are teaming up to do Lisa Frank, this begs the question: is a Lisa Frank clothing line in the works? Do we see a pair of psychedelic unicorn Hammer pants in the future? We would be totally buggin’ if there wasn’t some sort of Lisa Frank clothing.

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