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We spend so much time searching for the right mascara. Every woman wants movie-star lashes, but has trouble achieving the glamorous look.  With so many different brands on the market, each with their own formulas, it becomes overwhelming to decide what mascara is best for you.  But choosing a mascara should not be the hard part! The secret to healthy, long eyelashes is the power of lash primer.

Lash primer acts as a base that is applied before mascara. Primer emphasizes the effects of mascara and helps extend its wear. The beauty of lash primer is that it helps prevent the clumping, running and flaking that often comes along with using mascara alone. Lash primer eliminates the need to apply several coats of mascara. The more mascara you apply, the more prone you are to the clumping that weighs lashes down. For best results, you should begin priming your lashes at the base of your eyelid and wiggle the brush from left to right. As you reach the tips of your lashes, continue to pull the brush straight up, without wiggling it. When you wiggle the brush to the tips of your lashes, too much mascara builds up and causes the individual lashes to stick together.

For those who have thin lashes, primer is a must in their beauty regimen. Primer not only thickens lashes, but adds a slight curl that eliminates the need for manual eyelash curlers that dulls lashes, and even causes breakage. Primer also conditions from root to tip, and helps restore moisture to brittle lashes, worn down from continuous mascara application. Some brands include vitamins to keep lashes soft and separate, since mascara tends to be drying- especially waterproof versions. The best part is, lash primer won’t leave you broke either! Many types of mascara even come with a dual sided applicator for both primer and mascara, and can be found in most drugstores.

Lash treatment is something that is often ignored, but your lashes play a dramatic role in your appearance. It is so easy to overlook the importance of your eyelashes, but doing so will ensure you have long, healthy lashes throughout your lifetime.

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