Look Cute At The Ball Game!

Baseball games are everywhere this summer. Whether they are local games, or major league, baseball outings are always a great spot to go with friends and meet new people. Dressing for the game is not always easy, though. Mastering team-spirit without dressing yourself from head to toe in your favorite team’s apparel can be tricky. Luckily, you can find the perfect outfit using the clothes already inside your wardrobe!

Baseball games have a fun and relaxed atmosphere. It is important not to look over-dressed. Remember, this is a sporting event, not a club. Heels, skirts and dresses are typically not appropriate, unless you are dating one of the players (Dream on!) However, this doesn’t mean you are forced to wear strictly baseball attire.

Long-sleeved tees are always a smart choice, especially at night games. It is typically colder on the field or at the stadium, so you want to come prepared. Raglan tees are sporty and sexy and draw the right amount of attention without being too loud. If you are not a baseball fanatic, substituting team logos with team colors is always a cute option. After all, you want to look like you are supporting your team!

Denim shorts make any outfit flirty. If your top for the game is plain, try wearing shorts with studs or other patterns to dress up the outfit. Jeans are always an acceptable option, especially if the weather is cooler on game night.

Never bring a big bag to a baseball game. Seating is tight, and you don’t want to place your bag on the floor because it might get spilled on or stained. Satchels are ideal because you typically will not be carrying much with you other than a camera, some cash and maybe a lip gloss.

Shoes are all about comfort. Flats and sandals are acceptable, but may get dirty at the game. Try a pair of Vans or Converse. They are super cute and make your outfit sportier. Adding a cap of your favorite team is also a cute accessory to show your team spirit.

Before the game, be sure to find out who the opponent is. You want to avoid wearing their team colors at all costs! Have fun and see you at the ball game!


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