4 Ways to Look Fabulous on Any Budget

by Sarah Ruhlman
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We’ve all been there. Scrolling through Instagram or flicking through a magazine and then caught ourselves pondering one question, how do celebrities always look so amazing? Of course, the answer is stylists, hair stylists, personal trainers, freebie cosmetics, makeup artists and, as we have recently discovered, photoshop (#kimkardashian).

Unfortunately, most of us don’t have the means to employ a team of beauty experts to make us look inch perfect all the time, not on a babysitters budget.

We’re not encouraging you to strive for perfection all the time; just to enjoy looking movie star glamorous some of the time, those days where you feel like dazzling, or those nights where you feel like wow-ing.


The Perfect Skin

When we look at celebrities and Instagram models, the first thing we tend to notice is their skin; their perfect skin. Sure, it may have had a little retouch here and there, but there is still a reason why they are always used in skincare campaigns; their skin is flawless. A lot of this is to do with lifestyle choices, habits and an unrivaled knowledge of what works best. They know that hyaluronic acid makes young skin look smooth, soft and resilient because it manages to plump the skin using natural antioxidants. That is what having a beauty team brings, knowledge, which we all know is power. The great thing is, knowledge is easier to access than ever, meaning great skin can be achieved with every budget, meaning the foundation to Hollywood glam is easily laid.

The Perfect Hair

Every time you see a celeb step out in public, whether on the red carpet or snapped at the shops, they never have a hair out of place. It is part of being a celebrity. That’s why getting your hairstyle right is so important to getting your look perfect. It is what epitomizes flawless glamor. Another thing they always seem to inject is volume. Of course, everyone’s hair is different, it has different needs and requires different treatment, and only you know what that is. To help you out, though, simple can be better when you don’t have a team of stylists. So go for a cut that is easy to maintain and not too complex, and then own it.

The Perfect Body

This is at the top of everyone’s list of enviable features. Don’t forget that celebrities have a strict routine to uphold, one that uses personal trainers, unpleasant diets, and grueling routines. So getting their body may not be obtainable. It doesn’t mean you can’t get something similar, though. The important thing to understand from the get-go is what you want. Celebrity bodies are different, so know what you hope to achieve. Is it a more muscular body, is it a slimmer waist, or maybe even sexy toned legs. Once you know what your endgame is you can tailor your routine to meet this goal, and that can be done on a dime; thank you YouTube.

The Perfect Smile

This is their signature move. Being able to stand there on the red carpet and flash a perfect smile each and every time. It is what sets them apart. They just always have brilliantly white and perfectly straight teeth, always. Sure, to get to this level, you may need to get your dentist involved, heavily involved. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make massive strides towards perfect teeth, and on a dime too. Yes, perfectly straight and wonderfully aligned teeth are not possible on your own, but whitening is totally doable. Whitening toothpaste, strips, bedtime retainers, even eating certain foods will work. Basically, there are affordable options to obtain that celebrity smile. Just make sure you consult with your dentist first. They’re a pretty good source of knowing what’s best and what’s pointless.

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