Look Your Best in the New Year TV Segment

by Sarah Ruhlman
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The New Year is a chance to make a NEW YOU.  I was on Better Kansas City today sharing some ways that you can improve the way you look and feel.  I shared some great products that will help you look your best in the New Year. Check out the video below.

Below are all the details on each product I featured.

Liquid Oxygen (14.99 liquidoxygen.com)

Liquid Oxygen is the perfect option for those who want instant results.  Their 3 step acne systems works on all skin types and shows results in as little as the first day! These products actually use breakthrough oxygen science so oxygen is what is kill acne bacteria.  You can try it for yourself for just $14.99 a bottle from liquidoxygen.com.

SkinMedica (BareMed Spa)

2015 was all about the lips, and we will see fuller lips this year. If you don’t want to turn to injections to enhance your look, a great alternative is lip plumpers. You can use these for special occasions or on a daily basis to enhance your pout! We have a product from SkinMedica. This product smooths, plumps and instantly adds fullness, thanks to collagen-filling spheres and the powerful blend of TNS.

HASK Charcoal with Citrus Oil Collection ($2.49-$5.99, Ulta and Walgreens)

A complete line that features a Shampoo ($5.99), Conditioner ($5.99), and Deep Conditioner ($2.49) that are formulated to give you a deep clean and bring hair back to life. Charcoal, a hero ingredient derived from coconut shells in the Philippines, acts as a magnet and attracts and removes impurities – like product build-up – so you are left with hair that is full of body and shine.

Style Edit ($24.50 styleedit.com)

Style Edit’s root touch up allows you to instantly cover grays and blend in grown out roots. Simply take the sponge applicator, dab the color adaptive powder, and swipe across your roots without any residue left behind! Blonde Perfection is a root touch up specifically for blondes which also allows you to create a temporary ombre.

Visit styleedit.com for their salon locator or depasqualethespa.com for online orders.  This retails for $24.50.

Taylor Smart Scale ($59.99, Target)

After focusing on so many aspects of your body we can’t forget about weight.  The Taylor Smart Scale from Target is $59.99 and using bluetooth syncs with many popular health apps to help you keep track of your fitness.  Accountability is key and this scale allows users to keep track of their weight, body fat, body water and more. It really is a smart scale.

Happy New Year beauties. 🙂

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