Looking Professional In 3 Easy Ways

There are many times in our life that we will want and need to look professional. Job interviews and during our working day are perhaps the most obvious. But we may also wish to look professional for other meetings such as for business ventures, meetings, and bank dealings. Whatever the reason you want to look professional, it is easy to understand why. Looking professional often means that others are more confident to put their faith and trust in us.

We look calm, tidy, and authoritative. This is often exactly how people want their money, business, or custom to be handled! Looking professional no longer simply means a tie, suit, and briefcase, however. This is an old-fashioned image overall. Those particular looks are still relevant to some. But looking professional depends entirely on what the industry or occasion is. But whatever the circumstances, there are some rules that apply across the board.


Good Grooming

It is not necessary to feel like we need to apply elaborate, extra makeup or do something drastic with our hair. Grooming refers more to what is underneath. Many people, both male and female, swear by a manicure to make themselves feel presentable. It can be as simply as a file and moisturize at home, or a spa treatment to help you relax. If you want to wear nail polish then a clear gloss or neutral shade is usually the most professional.

Although in a more creative environment you can go a bit brighter. The skin should look as fresh and well-rested as possible. Even if we’re not entirely blemish or wrinkle free, what matters is that we look clean and in control. The eyebrows are also an overlooked but essential area of grooming. They frame a face and can make a whole look more professional and authoritative.

Don’t be tempted by the notion of a “power brow” as dark, thick, and overdrawn. Work with what you have and use a light hand and natural color. The the Brow Wiz by Anastasia Beverly Hills is a pencil that many swear by, and pencils can be real timesaver on the go. Stick with the natural shape, don’t overdo it, and a good eyebrow that suits your face can make you look youthful and professional.

Be Prepared

Prepare well for your meeting and you will instantly look more professional. It can give a bad impression to be incredibly surprised by something standard or not to have considered what you have to say. If you know you will be making notes, don’t arrive without a pen and paper for example. If you’re applying for a job, do not show up to interview without having reread the job application and your CV. You may have sent your CV out to many jobs and tailored it to each one. In any situation, it is essential to be as well prepared (but natural) as possible to appear professional.

A Good Fit
Professionalism doesn’t have to rely on a great suit or expensive briefcase unless the role genuinely demands it. Ensure instead that whatever you wear has a great fit. It should be neither too tight nor loose, clean and pressed. Whatever you wear will appear to be good quality and well cared for if it fits well and is worn with confidence.

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