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What would we do without our social media sites? Some of us could go DAYS without posting something, while some of us need to have our phones by us 24/7! Although it may seem as if what you do on your social media sites isn’t a huge issue, your followers (Twitter)/friends (Facebook) can get annoyed very easily and lose interest in you, which could cause them to unfollow or unfriend you. Here are five ways to lose followers/friends on your social media sites!

1. Posting too many personal things

Yes, it’s true. People do actually want to know how your day went. What people DON’T want to see on their timeline and newsfeed is someone who spreads all their personal business just to get likes or retweets. In my opinion, that’s the number one way to lose followers. Some people can go without knowing that you drank a whole bottle of alcohol because your boyfriend broke up with you. One alternative to this that can really help you is to just write your thoughts and personal feelings in a journal! I know it seems kid-like, but writing in a journal can really help you release some steam!

2. Using too much profanity in your posts

This one is a HUGE no-no! There are several other words that could used in the English language other than curse words. Just think of it like this, would you want your grandmother to look at your posts with all this profanity in it? I know I wouldn’t! This is definitely the second fastest way to lose followers and friends. Not only do your friends, PARENTS, and peers see you using this profanity, but when you actually go out to try and find a job, employers look at social media sites and if they see you using profanity, you’re out! If it’s a habit for you, just try to use them a little less, but if it’s not a habit for you, stop! This could get you into some serious trouble.

3. You won’t put your phone down

There’s two types of people in this world. People who can take a break from their phones and/or computers to enjoy life and people who can’t stay off their phones if their life depended on it. If you post excessively on social media, and by excessively I mean every five minutes explaining everything that you are doing such as eating, going to the gym, going to the restroom, going to take a shower, going to bed, you will definitely lose followers, I promise. Nobody wants to scroll down their timeline and/or newsfeed and just see you. People will think you’re self-absorbed! I know this one may seem a little hard, but if you can put your phone down and enjoy your day instead of documenting it on social media, it will become a habit.

4. Getting your tweets and Instagram pictures sent to Facebook

Maybe this is just a pet peeve of mine, but one thing that will make me unfollow or unfriend a person is when they have their tweets and Instagram pictures sent to their Facebook. In my opinion, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook should all be separate social media sites. If you want to post a picture on your Facebook, do it through Facebook instead of having it sent through your Instagram. Also, sending your pictures from Instagram to your Twitter is another way to lose followers because you can’t even view the picture! You have to click on a link, which will take you to Instagram and sometimes people just aren’t that patient. Before you know it, having all of these social media sites intertwined will just lead to more postings, which is going back to number 3, which will annoy people and cause them to unfollow and/or unfriend you.

5. Spamming celebrities on Twitter

This is probably the biggest no-no on Twitter. Now, yes, I am a fan-girl and there are times when my favorite band or artist wins an award or get nominated for a Grammy and I tweet them just to congratulate them. That’s perfectly fine. What will 100% make you lose followers is when you spam celebrities to get them to notice you. For those of you who follow people like this, you know what I’m talking about, but for those of you who don’t, the tweets look like this:

“@justinbieber PLEASE follow me. I would LITERALLY DIE! x4532”

Yes, 4,532 is the number of times that they’ve posted that same tweet. Your chances of getting noticed by Justin Bieber are 1 to 58.5 million, so posting that tweet millions of time will get you unfollowed, blocked, and more than likely put in Twitter jail. Please try to refrain from doing this!


CHALLENGE TIME! Try not doing any of these things on social media and look at your followers or friends daily. If you’re not losing followers and friends, that means you’re doing something right! 🙂

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