5 Tips to Make a Wedding More Fun

After graduating college and entering your mid-twenties, there is an exponential increase in the amount of weddings you will be attending.  Mirroring the sweet-sixteen era, the time when all of your friends begin to tie the knot can become a bit monotonous after attending more than a couple of weddings.  In truth, however, every wedding is a new opportunity to have an amazing time, meet new people, and dance the night away.  Here are some ways to make all of your friend’s special days just as special for you:wedding fun  1.  Leave Your Assigned Table While the comfort of knowing everyone at your assigned table may make you want to stay there the whole night, taking a break from your close family and meeting some new people is always a great idea.  Walk around, complement someone on their shoes, and find a new dancing partner.  Suddenly, you just made a whole bunch of new friends and made the wedding a more exciting experience.

wedding dancing

2.Get Up and Dance Sitting and watching Aunt Sally bust a move is fun for a while, but it becomes twice as fun when you get up and dance with her!  You will be amazed by how quickly the night goes when you dance it away.

3.Find the Bride or Groom Every person at a wedding is fighting for the bride and groom’s attention, so you may shy away from pulling them aside. Don’t!  Even if you only grab them for a minute, seeing how much the wedding means to them first hand will make you even happier to be there.

dancing shoes4.Bring Your Dancing Shoes I love a good high heel as much as the next girl, but after a while, they force you to sit down and massage your aching feet.  Being comfortable makes any party more enjoyable, so at a wedding (while you are dancing the night away) make sure to bring a pair of comfortable flats to keep your feet from hating you.

5.Be the Encouragement At every gathering, there is that one family member who pulls everyone out of his or her seat and keeps the party going all night long.  Let that person be you!  If you are making sure that all your family members and new friends are having a great time, then there is no doubt that you will too.

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