How To Make Your Home As Fashionable As You Are

Your home needs to reflect you. Do you want to bring friends and family over to a dump of a place? Of course not. So what can you do to make it look just as fashionable as you?


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The Outside

Depending on you having a house or an apartment, there may not be a whole lot you can do. Similarly with renting as opposed to owning the home. If you have a house and own it outright, you have the chance to make it look good.

So where do you start? It depends. Where are the problem areas? If the windows are looking a mess, get them replaced or have new plastics installed. Is the paint peeling? Get it a fresh coat. Does the brickwork look grimy and disgusting? Get it sand or water blasted.

There’s not much you can do for the outside. Just ensure it’s clean and looking relatively well kept. You may want to change small things on a seasonal basis, such as hanging baskets in the spring and summer, and decorations in the fall and winter.

The Living Room

This should be a room for comfort and relaxation. This goes for when you’re just enjoying the home yourself, or if you have guests. So how do you make it look good while keeping this feel? Simplicity is key. No clutter, no fuss.

Now the basics like sofas and chairs need to be covered. Don’t go too minimalist. Just avoid removing any standing and walking space in the room.

If only one person can walk around the room at a time, you’ve messed up and need to consider revising your design. Ideally, you should be able to get over two people walking back and forth around the room without bumping into each other.

As for wallpaper and carpeting, stick to something simple. Over complicating things makes it harder to rearrange the room if needed. Think minimalist.

The Bathrooms

Bathrooms should be functional above all. How do you make them look good? Marble, and soft, warm lighting. The lighting can highlight the marble and bring out the detail on it. Marble may not be for you however.

Add a large feature mirror, and you’ve got a stylish bathroom.

The Bedroom

This room is for you. If you are inviting people into it though, you want to make the best impression you can. Keeping it mess free is ideal.

At the most, you can afford to have a laptop sat on the floor plugged into the wall. Even then you may want to consider removing that too.

Pristine white sheets should be your go-to bedding choice. Nothing beats classic white.

The Garden

If you are fortunate enough to have one, the garden can be the showpiece of your entire home. If you’re looking to show off your home and have frequent guests, why not take them outside for some fresh air and drinks?

Your garden should be ordered in one of two ways. An intricate guided path carefully constructed to showcase say, a water feature or particularly beautiful set of flowers. The other way is to use symmetry like the Romans to draw your eye towards the end of the garden, and then back up to the home.

Home design can be harder than personal fashion. The end results are well worth it though.

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