How To Make and Keep Your Resolutions

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Make It Realistic

There’s a saying, “after all is said and done, a lot more will have been said than done.” It’s really easy to tell yourself you’re going do something and not do it and resolutions tend to be one of those things. One reason why resolutions are so hard to follow through on is because they are glamorized, people get so caught up in the excitement of a New Year and opportunity to transform into this entirely new and better you that the act of change itself gets forgotten. The “fresh slate” aspiration is all fine and well but baby steps my friends. You still have a life, you still have a family, work, school, and commitments you can’t just drop everything to fulfill a resolution so usually resolutions don’t get fulfilled. Make a resolution that you are capable of doing, something that is feasible and manageable. That might mean something very small like drinking less coffee and more water, whatever it is make sure it’s something you can TRULY see yourself being able to do. IF you want to get fit, start small, “I promise to go on a jog once a week” not “I promise to get on an entirely new fitness regime, invest in a personal trainer, begin that tea detox I’ve always wanted to do and buy in-home gym equipment,” because that is simply not going to happen. Be optimistic, but also be realistic!

 Constant Reminders

Creating constant reminders for yourself on why you chose the resolution or resolutions that you did is a great way to keep on keepin’ on. Whether you have pictures or quotes on the wall of your office space that remind you or you just mentally tell yourself, figure out something that’ll put you in the New Year mindset all over again. Ask yourself what has happened in the past that makes you want to change and what will happen in the future upon that change. Visualization is essential. Picture yourself fulfilling your goal and so it will be. 

Make It a Priority

This is pretty self explanatory. It’ll most likely be difficult, aggravating and burdensome to fulfill your resolution. Yeah, it starts off good but it usually takes a quick a plunge into “never mind I don’t want to do it anymore” and so you don’t. You MUST make it a priority. Just like work or cleaning, it’s not something you always want to do but it’s a responsibility and you do it anyway and afterward you feel satisfied that it’s done and that is how you should treat your resolution, just like work and cleaning it’ll become part of your routine and it will become something that is simply a part of your life, which is the whole point of a resolution.

Fine a Resolution Buddy

Pick your best friend, or your sister, or your spouse, or your co worker, whomever you decide and share with them your resolution, have them do the same and make a mutual agreement to support each other in your New Year’s Resolutions. This could also be part of tip #2. Just check in on them every once in a while see how they’re doing, see if they’re sticking to it, see why they are successful or why they are not, provoke them to reflect and remind them why they wanted to do it. Have them do the same for you, and you’ve got yourself a nice little support system and someone else to hold you accountable besides yourself.

Be Specific and Create a Plan

Being specific is probably the most important thing in making a realistic and doable resolution. “Be nicer” is not going to cut it. How will you be nicer? How are you not so nice now? Look at it from all angles, figure out what you’re not doing and figure out what you need to be doing. What are you looking to achieve and how will you achieve it? It’s like writing a story, an author can’t say, “there was a person who did something bad and then they fixed it and then it was better, the end.” Obviously, that’s a terrible story, and it was terrible because it was vague, where was the who, what, when, where, why? Where were the specifics? This leads into creating a plan, I suggest pen and paper and writing it all out. Make a list of everything you are going to do to be successful in this year’s resolution. After doing so you may realize, “Hey, this resolution seems like a little too much work,” and that’s okay. Just create plans you’re sure to carry out.

When it comes down to it, there is no exact science to keeping resolutions, the power is within you. 2014 taught you something about yourself and your surroundings, take those lessons into the New Year. It’s 2015 but in case you didn’t notice, you’re still you, it’s not about dramatically changing who you are, its about becoming a better, updated version. Think of yourself as a great iphone app, you’re just going through an update and when the update is done, you will be an even better app than you were before. “These are the first pages of a 365 page book, write a good one.”

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