How To Make Moving Homes A Lot Easier

by Sarah Ruhlman
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If you have found your ideal home or you are preparing for a brand-new location move it can a really exhilarating time. But once the excitement dies down you then realize all the planning, preparation, and organization that is involved in the big move. We accumulate a lot of stuff over the years. Some of it is necessary, some of it sentimental, and some of it seems to just to shift from house to house. That’s all ok when it’s neatly stored away out of sight out of mind. But moving house means you have to face everything, cobwebs and all. Here is some advice to help make moving house that little bit easier. And if you’re ready for more relocation advice, here’s some more handy tips I have written too!

The Removal Company

Picking the right removal company is essential, and will make the move much more seamless. The fact is that there are a lot out there and you need to do your research. Chess Moving is a good place to start whether you are moving interstate or going international. Picking a company that will give you an online quote and asks for your inventory is a good start. That way you can get a comprehensive quote, and there will be no hidden surprises. Professional companies may also offer packing and home cleaning services, which is extremely beneficial in reducing your stress.

Know How To Pack

If you are packing up your house yourself, it can feel overwhelming. The first thing to do is purge as much of the junk as you can. Old Christmas cards, unwanted gifts, clothes that don’t feet and half used shampoos can all go in the bin. You don’t want to carry these to your new house. Be brave and throw as much as you can. Hold on to old towels and sheets though as these can b used as soft padding in your packing. Remember that light items should be packed in bigger boxes. And heavy items in small tighter boxes. Label everything light or heavy. And also color code every box for to room it belongs in. This means the removal men can put appropriate colored boxes in each room at your new location. And buy more bubble wrap tape and boxes than you think you will need!

Packing Jewelry

If you have lots of delicate jewelry and small rings and earrings use egg box cartons to transport your stash. Simply use each compartment for your delicates and then tape them shut and put a big label on them. And use old toilet rolls for necklaces and bracelets. Put one end through the roll and then fasten to the other end. This will stop them getting tangled when you arrive at your new destination.

Books and Paperwork

If you are packing books and paperwork, use suitcases instead of boxes. Boxes can become too weighed down and may break. It’s much easy to sling everything into a suitcase, Ask to borrow friends and relatives suitcases too if you are not relocating too far away.

Your Survival Kit

That first couple of days after moving and especially that first night is going to feel strange. Make sure you have a survival bag ready. This should include all our essential items such as pajamas, toothpaste, toilet roll and everyday clothes. Also make sure to pack a box with a kettle, teabags, a corkscrew and tin opener. Lastly pack an extra phone charger, details of new local takeouts and some cutlery and plates. And anything valuable such as heirlooms or your laptop, try and transport in your own car if possible.

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