What To Do To Make Your Smile Beautiful

by Sarah Ruhlman
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A lot of women don’t open their mouths and smile because they hate the way it looks when they do it.

Here are some ways you can improve your smile so that it looks beautiful.


Make it genuine

One of the reasons why you might hate your smile when you look back at pictures is because you weren’t smiling genuinely. A forced smile can often look awful and make an awkward photo. You should try and relax your face and smile without thinking about it. Once you start doing it more freely, you will start to love smiling, and it will look fantastic. Smiling is a great way of feeling happier. As we talked about before, try and think about happier times and it will make you grin without thinking about it.

Go for teeth whitening

Another reason why you might hate your smile is that you don’t like how your teeth look. They might have become discolored because of bad dental health, and they are now making your feel uncomfortable. You should consider getting an appointment at a clinic to talk about getting your teeth whitened. You can read more on sites such as www.accentdental.com.au to see if teeth whitening is right for you. You can also use a teeth whitening toothpaste to help make your teeth look more pearly white. Once your teeth look whiter, you will be able to pull off an unforgettable smile.

Use lipstick

You can also use lipstick to make your smile look beautiful. It can help distract from the shape of your mouth and your teeth if you choose a great color of lipstick. You can use red or pink to help make your lips look great. It can also stop people seeing any stains which might be on your teeth. Try and go for a color which suits your skin tone and outfit. Otherwise, it can make your smile look worse.

Get braces to straighten your teeth

If you are unhappy with your smile, it might be because your teeth aren’t straight. You could consider getting some braces that will help to straighten any of your crooked teeth. You should talk to your dentist about the procedure to make sure it’s right for you. You might feel more self-conscious with braces in, so might prefer not to have them at all.

Give up smoking

Another reason why people hate their smile is that they don’t like the color of their teeth. If you want to improve the color of them, one top way is to give up smoking. It can enhance how your teeth look so that they are no longer getting stained. By cutting out smoking, you will feel happier about how your smile looks.

Drink more water

You can also improve your smile by drinking more water. You are increasing the saliva which will help improve your oral health. It ensures no food gets left on your teeth which can end up causing cavities. Therefore, your teeth will be in an excellent condition, which means your smile will be great.


These tips will make you love your smile and make it one of your best features.


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