8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Free Time

Here are some ways to make the most of your free time.

  1. Get up early.

Catch up on sleep and relax if you need it, of course, but try not to sleep until noon every day. While sleeping in late is tempting, you’ll regret the decision come Sunday night when you look back and realize you wasted half of each day hitting the snooze button.

  1. Explore new places.

Maybe you found out about an indie bookstore or new organic eatery right in your neighborhood, but schoolwork and job demands have kept you from being able to visit them. Set aside time with friends to try something new that you’ll all enjoy. Even if your neighborhood isn’t all that exciting, revisiting an old park or discovering a new spot while taking a long drive is also exciting!

  1. Set time aside to cook a recipe you’ve had bookmarked on your computer.

Those salted-caramel fudge bites and cauliflower pizza you found on a blog 2 months ago? They’re calling your name. Take time—enough time that you’re not rushing—to cook or bake a recipe you’ve been dying to try. If you’re not experienced, call some friends to come over and help! They won’t mind helping you cook, and they definitely won’t mind helping you eat the food!

  1. Have a TV marathon/movie night with friends.

Those recipes will taste extra delicious while watching a season of Pretty Little Liars or Clueless. Having a TV/movie night with your friends is great because you’ll be less tempted to binge watch TV all week long.

  1. Read a good book or magazine from cover to cover.

With a week away from Moby Dick, The Crucible, or The Scarlett Letter (I could go on, but you get the idea), pick a book you’ve been trying to read or a magazine with your favorite singer featured on the front cover and read, read, read. Try to keep distractions—like your phone—to a minimum.

  1. Organize a space.

Spring break is a great opportunity to do a little spring cleaning! Set aside some time to organize your closet, your bedroom, or the pile of clothes sitting in the corner of your bedroom (I’m guilty of the last one, too!) Although organizing isn’t as fun as baking, reading, or watching TV, you’ll feel better once you’ve organized a space you’ve been trying to de-clutter for weeks.

  1. Volunteer.

Head to your local soup kitchen or library and ask about volunteering opportunities. Bring your friends and have fun with it! Not only are you doing a great service for your community, you will acquire an instant resume booster!

  1. Try something new.

Have you wanted to start your own YouTube beauty channel, but could never find the time? Or, have you wanted to start your own blog or Instagram page dedicated to the things you love? Spring break is the time to do it! Use a day to upload your first video or design the layout for your blog; getting started is always the hardest part.


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