Make Those Damaged Heels Fabulous!

I was looking through Pinterest about a month ago and found this really easy project to fix bumps, scratches or tears on the heels to those adorable pumps that you love so much. Got a pair that you love but won’t wear because of those embarrassing damages to the heel? Well I’ve got a really simple and easy project for you!

All you need for this project is any kind of glitter (of course you need to have a color that matches the shoe color), glue (the example I saw uses Mod Podge Glue), a paper plate, and a paint brush (a descent sized brush, so you don’t spend too much time painting the heel).

  1. Take the glue and pour a generous portion on the paper plate (you want to make your paste thick)
  2. Take your glitter and poor it on the glue
  3. Mix the glitter and glue together with your paint brush. Now you have your paste!
  4. Take your shoe and your paintbrush and put the paste on the damaged heel
  5. Once you are done, let it dry
  6. Put the paste back on the same heel for a second time.
  7. Repeat these steps on the second heel
  8. Let both heels dry

Now you can wear your fabulous sparkly shoes. They will look just like the ones you find in department stores!

If you want to see more pictures on this project head over here.


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