7 Likely Mistakes We Make When Applying Make-up

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Let’s face it: some women just overdo it with the make-up. Summer is coming, so our make-up needs to be on point! Here are my top make-up don’ts:

  1. Mismatched foundation

This one is really important! The last thing you want is your face to be a different color than your neck! Make sure you find the right foundation shade for your face. To test this out, apply a small amount of foundation from your cheek to your jawline. If the foundation matches, you’re good to go! If it doesn’t, keep trying!

  1. Applying too dark or too light of a concealer

If you apply too dark or light of a concealer, it will be very noticeable! The wrong amount of concealer can make you go from looking refreshed to looking like you haven’t had sleep in weeks!

  1. Eyebrows

Make sure your eyebrows aren’t too skinny or too thick! Changing the shape of your eyebrows can also change your face shape drastically.

  1. Applying too much eye shadow

Applying too much eye shadow to your eyelids can make your make-up look chalky. Also, applying eyeshadow from your eyelid to your eyebrows will make you look like a clown. If you have more hollowed eyes and a deeper lid, applying eye shadow a little higher than your eyelid is acceptable; but if you have round eyes, applying eyeshadow way above the eyelid is a definite no-no!

  1. Sloppy eyeliner

Be careful using your eyeliner because if you mess it up, the liner can really change the shape of your eyes. Make sure you have a steady hand when putting on your eyeliner. Try resting your pinky on your face when applying eyeliner to ensure you have a steady hand.

  1. Clumpy mascara

If you have a mascara that clumps a lot, throw it away! Using clumpy mascara can make your eyelashes look like they are lumpy and all mashed together.

  1. Applying too much bronzer

Applying too much bronzer is also another way to change your skin tone–a little goes a long way. As with your foundation, you want your face to match your neck and shoulders. Applying to much bronzer can make you look like an orange. Make sure you when enough is enough!

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