{Make-Up Monday} Beauty of Bronzer

Summer has arrived and so has the sun. But many of us are stuck inside, missing the rays. While our skin may be thanking us for staying UV free, we all want beach bronzed skin. The good news is you can add a sun-kissed glow to your face without actually spending time in the sun…Bring on the bronzer!

Bronzer adds an instant glow to your face and enhances your complexion. Choosing the right bronzer seems overwhelming, but is very simple. With proper application and a shade that compliments your skin tone, you will avoid being mistaken for a cast member of the Jersey Shore.

When choosing your bronzer, always select a shade that is about two shades darker than your natural skin tone. When in doubt, choose a shade that is lighter than you think you need. You want to avoid one of the biggest beauty Don’ts at all costs: looking orange. Rose or peach shades tend to compliment fair skin tones while medium to dark skin tones work well with coppers and browns. Keep in mind, you may need to update your bronzer during the changing seasons because your skin is naturally darker in the summer.

A sun-kissed glow doesn’t mean you cover your entire face with bronzer. Gently apply bronzer starting on your cheekbones, and continue in a circular motion toward your temples. Lightly apply across the bridge of your nose, chin and forehead but be sure not to over apply – doing so will give you a fake, baked look. Another tip to avoid the fake tan look is to sweep bronzer onto your neck and earlobes to help blend your natural skin color with your face.

A beauty trick to achieve a more radiant glow is to contour shades with a matte and shimmer bronzer. Applying a matte shade creates a natural look. But adding a shimmer based bronzer as a second step to only your cheekbones highlights your face, creating a sexy sun-kissed glow. Shimmer-based colors also make your facial features more prominent, especially your eyes. Avoid using solely a shimmer bronzer because it can be a bit overwhelming and unflattering. If you don’t want to contour shades, matte is always the way to go.

Try new shades and see what works best for you. Have fun and be the bronzed beauty that everyone has their eyes on this summer!

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