{Make-Up Monday} Ditch The Black Mascara


Summer makeup is all about natural beauty. Skin tones are naturally warmer, hair is lighter, and for the blondes and redheads, freckles are everywhere. So pack away your dark shadows and don’t forget to leave behind your black mascara, too.

Brown mascara is intimidating. Most women shy away from the lighter shade and stick to traditional black… how boring! You don’t need to totally ditch your trusty black mascara, but try creating a warmer, more natural look for your daytime makeup by using a brown formula. Brown mascara adds just the right amount of definition to your eyes without looking too harsh. Whoever said brown mascara doesn’t make your eyes pop is wrong! Brown formulas add just as much length and volume as black formulas do. There are a ton of different shades, too. Blondes and redheads look great in lighter shades of brown, and for those with darker skin and hair, a deep shade of brown will help define your lashes.

Natural colored eye shadows work best with brown mascara, especially warm tones like taupe and sand. For a flirty summer look, pair brown mascara with a bright coral or pink lipstick. The contrast will leave your face glowing!

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  1. Tatianna says

    Luv this. Thx!

  2. Hannah says

    I have dark brown hair and light skin and i have tons of frekles

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